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Success Stories

This represents only a tiny percentage of the total number of Non-resident parents we have been able to help and does not represent many of our most spectacular results because for most clients they simply wish to forget about the matter and do not want their details put forward. These clients have all consented to their details being reproduced in this way.

Mr M S
Arrears alleged £50,000.00, assessments at over £127.00 per week. The CSA had not served him properly, all arrears written off. Assessment for the future halved.

Mr D H
Arrears alleged of over £15,000.00, Deduction from Earnings Order operating at over £100.00 per week for many years. Client consulted this firm. Assessment was halved and CSA unable to prove service. All arrears remitted and client refunded £13,000.00 by two cheques, one for £12,000.00 and the other for just over £1,000.00.

Mr D W
Client came to see me with arrears in excess of £5,000.00 and an assessment of £40.00 per week. In fact he had a nervous breakdown about four years earlier, his solicitors had told the CSA but not pursued any review. Court proceedings went ahead and ancillary relief where the Judge refused to take into account arrears owed to the CSA indicating that client must pay these himself. After appeals submitted the Agency admitted that a letter from the solicitors was the equivalent of notification for a review under the law as it stood at the time. That review resulted in a nil assessment and client being refunded over £1,200.00. We got CSA to read the law correctly.

Mr G B
Client consulted us with an assessment of over £100.00 per week. He had two children by two different parent with cares. The CSA refused to assess the other parent with care. The CSA’s assessment was wrong mathematically. We advised client to make an application for child support against himself. This then reduced the assessment to £35.00 per week for the one child and for the second child that had previously not been counted to nil. Arrears of £5,000.00 were remitted.

Mr V C
Client came in with an assessment of £25.71 per week. This was reduced after a formal complaint to the Chief Executive to £5.40 per week.

Mr L Y
Client approached me with arrears of £69,000.00 which after arguments with the CSA they agreed to close the case and cancel all arrears.

Mr H S
When client consulted us he had a Deduction from Earnings Order in excess of £100.00 per week and arrears of approximately £10,000.00. As a result of this firms actions the Deduction from Earnings Order was cancelled within eight weeks of consulting this firm, the CSA cancelled all arrears and client was a sent a cheque by the Agency for £1800.00.

Mr M J
When client consulted me his assessment was approximately £130.00 per week and the CSA was taking £800.00 per month from his salary. The CSA were pursuing arrears of some £40,000.00. We managed to obtain the lifting of the Deduction from Earnings Order, the cancellation of the arrears and a refund for client amounting to some £1,800.00

Mr N W
Client approached us with an assessment of £120.00 per week and the CSA were taking almost £600.00 per month from his salary. He had three children from three different parent with cares, two of which lived with him full-time. The child support was being deducted in respect of one of the children only. His take home pay was less than £1,000.00 per month. The CSA was leaving him with less than £400.00 per month to support himself and two children. We immediately secured the lifting of the Deduction from Earnings Order from the CSA and a reduction of the maintenance. Enquiries revealed that the CSA were pursing arrears in excess of £40,000.00 in respect of this one child alone. Additional enquires revealed arrears in respect of one of the children that had always lived with him that the CSA believed he should be paying for. The CSA assessments stood at around about £100.00 per week. After extensive litigation with the Agency £37,000.00 have been written off arrears but the case continues as client may be entitled to a refund on the monies already paid with the write-off of the remaining arrears figure.

Mr D H
Client approached us, case closed three years earlier and the CSA said there were arrears of £3,700.00. Our investigations revealed that there was in fact a change to clients circumstances 18 months prior to closure which the CSA did not take into account. Despite being out of time we were able to put together an appeal which succeeded as a result of which £2,600.00 was reduced from clients arrears. The whole case took less than four months.

Mr M H
When client consulted us he had arrears owing to the CSA of some £15,000.00 and the Inland Revenue in a similar sum. Although we are not experts in Inland Revenue, sorting out the CSA had several similarities with the Inland Revenue and therefore we volunteered to sort out both. Client was not liable for child support because he was out of the UK for several years during the mid-1990’s. The CSA stated that since client did not tell them at the time he left the country the CSA were entitled to charge until he came back. I explained the provisions of the Child Support Act and appropriate jurisdiction regulations and the CSA refused to reconsider their decision. An appeal therefore was put forward to The Tribunal Service and shortly before the Tribunal hearing the CSA abandoned their position, closed the case and remitted all arrears. The Inland Revenue, being much more sensible had long before admitted we were correct and had also remitted all of their arrears.

Mr B R
Client came in with £14,000.00 of arrears backdated to 1996. Investigations revealed that the CSA had in fact made an Interim Maintenance Assessment which we were able to convert thereby saving client in excess of £10,000.00.

Mr N H
Client came to see me with arrears in excess of £37,000.00 and somehow or other the CSA had managed to register arrears in his bankruptcy. Client was in fact able to pay off his bankruptcy debts which only amounted to about £5,000.00, the problem was with the CSA debt added in the debt was in fact in excess of £40,000.00. Not only did client feel he did not owe the money but there was no way he could clear his bankruptcy. We corresponded with the insolvency practitioner and this was removed from his schedule of indebtedness. This then enabled client to clear his bankruptcy and commence trading again. In the meantime investigations revealed that the arrears were owed as a result of Interim Maintenance Assessment’s imposed in doubtful circumstances. As a result of appeals put forward all arrears owed by client were remitted in their entirety.

Mr L P
Client came in with an assessment of £77.00 per week heavily backdated. We found that the CSA had incorrectly calculated virtually every aspect and put forward an “in house” review. The CSA refused to change their minds and therefore the case was referred to a Tribunal and the Tribunal agreed with our submissions and as a result assessments of £77.00 per week were reduced to £15.00 per week. This saved client in excess of £10,000.00.

Mr S C
Client came to see us with arrears of £40,000.00. Investigations revealed that the CSA had issued critical papers incorrectly and as a result their assessments were unlawful. The case was closed and all arrears written off. The CSA were unable to pursue any further assessment.

Mr G S
Client came to see us with arrears of some £7,000.00. £4,500.00 of these arrears were generated after client had notified the CSA he had started self-employment and the CSA had incorrectly assessed the maintenance. The CSA initially maintained that they had carried out the assessments properly and that client had failed to appeal against the calculations put forward. We obtained our clients file from the CSA and computer entries revealed discrepancies with the assessment procedure as a result of which we were able to force the CSA to reassess the period resulting in a reduction of the arrears totalling £4,300.00.

Mr F C
Client came to see me with arrears of £18,000.00 and an assessment of £90.00 per week. Enquiries with the Agency revealed that CSA had been charging client for the periods when he was not in the United Kingdom and that the CSA had been made aware of the situation but had simply pursued matters regardless. Under those circumstances this meant the CSA’s action were unlawful and we were able to lift the child maintenance assessment and have all arrears remitted. Client then received a refund from the CSA in the sum of £7,730.03 by giro cheque.

Mr C P
Client consulted us after a Tribunal which increased his maintenance from £5.00 per week to over £100.00 per week and backdating the maintenance over two years. We appealed against the decision to Commissioners and were successful. As a result the case was closed and all arrears written off.

Mr G R
Consulted by client who had a £30,000.00 Charging Order against his house and even larger arrears owed to the CSA which they were enforcing. We managed to prove that the CSA figures had been unreliable and all assessments were recalculated as a result of which all arrears except £2,000.00 were written off.

Mr M W
Consulted by client with extremely complicated departure on all available departure grounds made by his former wife. He approached us with arrears in excess of £15,000.00. We appealed to the Commissioner upon his behalf and were successful. The matter was sent back by the Commissioner to a Tribunal for a retrial when the Tribunal was convinced on a complex argument over a two day trial that the legalistic requirements for departures in the case were not validated. As a result virtually all grounds were dismissed and clients assessments and arrears reduced by well over £10,000.00.

Mr R P
Client consulted Bob after a departure direction had been made by a Tribunal increasing his income to £35,000.00 per annum. The CSA had not yet carried out the assessment and we immediately discovered procedural errors within the Tribunal’s process. An immediate application was made to set aside the decision and when the errors were pointed out to the Tribunal, the Tribunal set aside the decision thereby preventing the CSA from making the assessment on the erroneous basis. Subsequent litigation led to the closure of the case completely.

Mr R S
Consulted by client after receiving an assessment of £81.00 per week. Investigations revealed that the CSA had commenced assessments against him in the past but these had not been completed. These assessments resulted in the lowering of his maintenance over a period of five previous years. The CSA were further pursuing arrears in excess of £4,000.00 but after our successful litigation all arrears were cancelled and client received a refund cheque.

Mr A S
Consulted by client with arrears in excess of £20,000.00 and an assessment going back to 1995. Enquiries revealed that the CSA had misdirected correspondence but the CSA insisted that other evidence pointed to receipt of documentation. We pointed out that legally the Agency had to have sent certain correspondence to the correct address and since they had failed to do so the receipt of later correspondence did not validate the claim. The matter went to Tribunal where we were successful. Client received a refund of overpaid maintenance in excess of £1,700.00 and all arrears were written off. The entire case was closed.

Mr P B
Client consulted us with arrears in excess of £15,000.00 and an assessment at over £100.00 per week. Enquiries revealed errors made by the CSA of the initial stages of the case as a result of which we went to Tribunal when the Tribunal agreed with our submissions. As a result all arrears were written off and overpayments made by our client in excess of £5,000.00 were refunded.

Mr G P
Consulted by client with an assessment of almost £100.00 per week and arrears in excess of £10,000.00. Client life with the CSA had been an absolute nightmare with almost daily correspondence and innumerate threats, letters and assessments constantly changing. As a result of enquires we found outstanding assessments which had not been completed which then had a knock on effect with later assessments.

We advised client to make applications in relation to his capital settlement with his former wife and made a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner concerning the Agency’s constant failure to move the matter forward.

After substantive litigation all assessments made in the case going back to 1994 were revised as a result of which every single one was reduced. Clients Deduction from Earnings Order was cancelled, all arrears were written off and client received total refunds in excess of £1,000.00.

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