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Success Stories

This represents only a tiny percentage of the total number of Parents with care we have been able to help and does not represent many of our most spectacular results because for most clients they simply wish to forget about the matter and do not want their details put forward. These clients have all consented to their details being reproduced in this way.

Ms T R
Consulted by client. Husband had an affair but she wanted to stand by him. His maintenance had been assessed at £90.00 per week. This assessment included Tax Credit received by client which under normal circumstances would be right however due to a very misunderstood provision this was incorrect, client had applied for Tax Credit whilst she was separated from her husband. It therefore does not fall to be included within his income. After litigation with the Agency they agreed with the submission. Over £2,000.00 of arrears written off.

Ms C S
Client came to see me as her husband had obtained assessment at nil. We discovered that he was working as an author and the types of books he had previously written were no longer being written. Further investigations however revealed that his girlfriend who had previously been a typist had suddenly started writing books, exactly the same genre as the books previously written by the father. We took the case to the CSA and proved it. Maintenance increased by over £50.00 per week.

Ms F C
Client consulted us as the CSA were not pursuing enforcement against her former husband. We immediately pursued the matter with the CSA and suggested the most appropriate route of enforcement. Client received £7,000.00 and for the first time in her life is receiving regular maintenance of over £50.00 per week.

Ms V G
Consulted by client. Ex had a £5.00 per week assessment despite being a local property magnate. We advised her to apply for a departure and following a two day trial and extensive cross-examination of the non-resident parent achieved a maintenance award in excess of £100.00 per week backdated two years.

Ms S T - Came to us with a zero assessment, which we increased to £56.00 per week.

Ms S H - Came to us with an assessment of £36.00 per week, we went to Tribunal and won and her assessment increased to £86.00 per week. Also arrears contribution increased by 300%.

Ms C G - Maximum assessment obtained.

Ms K O - CSA set a start date for maintenance to be collected five years after mother applied for child support with the assessment amount being £45.00 per week. After success at Tribunal the start date for maintenance was taken back five years and the assessment increased to over £100.00 per week resulting in arrears of more than £26,000.00.

Ms C H - Application made to the CSA more than three years before consulting this company with no maintenance collected by the Agency. We then put pressure on the Agency to obtain a
Liability Order and the Bailiff's collected £5,000.00.      .

Ms T S - CSA assessed at £15.00 per week. We took the case to Tribunal and the assessment increased to £177.00 per week with arrears of over £8,000.00.

Ms J S - The CSA refused to accept that she was the parent with care despite her having one child living with her. The Agency issued a Deduction from Earnings Order against her salary. This company became involved and we managed to remove the Deduction from Earnings Order as well as ensuring that the CSA accepted her role as a parent with care ard maintenance in the amount of £75.00 per week is being collected from her former partner.

Ms M C - Client came to us with-an assessment of£7.00 per week and this was increased to £35.00 per week.

Ms J S - Made an application for child maintenance in 2000 but the Agency was unable to assess the non-resident parent. This company became involved in June 2005 and within four months an assessment was put in place of £35.00 per week.

Ms E C - Client came to see us with an assessment of £36.00 per week which we increased to more than £100.00 per week and despite the non-resident parent's repetitive litigation we managed to keep the assessment in place at more than £100.00 per week.

Ms L E-G - Application for child support made in 2003 upon which the Agency took no action and did not serve the non-resident parent. This company became involved and we obtained an assessment in the amount of £71.00 per week with arrears of more than £4,000.00.

Ms A H - The Agency made an assessment of £22.00 per week which was never paid by the non-resident parent. This company became involved and took the case to the Tribunal. The non­resident parent took no part in the proceedings and we convinced the Tribunal to increase his income 25 times over producing a maximum assessment and arrears of £12,000.00.

Ms L H - Client receiving very low contribution towards her arrears. We put pressure on the Agency to impose a Deduction from Earnings Order, which included large contributions towards the arrears.

Ms A J - CSA held onto money collected from the non-resident parent and were unable to pay client due to their computer system. We took action that resulted in the CSA making manual payments within a few weeks and there have been no further problems regarding payments to the client.

Ms M L - CSA decide to utilize part of the legislation, which meant that the client lost ten months payments. After a successful Tribunal hearing the Agency were forced to collect the missing
payments, which were then paid out to the client.

Ms J R - Client made two applications for child support, as there were two fathers involved and neither application was processed by the CSA. We escalated her case within the Agency and
both applications have now been processed and payments are being collected from non-resident
parents. There have also been two referrals for loss of maintenance.

Ms T V - Client had outstanding arrears of some £18,000.00 but the Agency were unable to enforce on the case. We became involved and there is now a Charging Order on the non-resident parent's property in the amount of £18,000.00 with a further Liability Order for another £5,500.00. The case is now being enforced appropriately and payments have been made.

Ms C J - Client came to see this company with an assessment of £5.00 per week. We calculated the non-resident parent's lifestyle and proceeded to Tribunal where an award for lifestyle inconsistent with income was made and an assessment in the. amount of £55.00 per week resulting in arrears of more than £5,000.00.

Ms V O - The non-resident parent in this case was self-employed as well as owning a number of business's where he was a director of the companies and he had for many years managed to baffle the CSA regarding his fiscal position as a result of which the Agency put in place an assessment of
£36.00. However, his true income would have brought forward a much higher assessment and we therefore proceeded to Tribunal resulting in an assessment of £100.00 per week.

Child Support Solutions specialises in helping resident and non-resident parents who are having problems with the
Child Support Agency or who need general advice and support relating to issues with the CSA.