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Child Support Solutions ~ How We Can Help

We work on cases in a variety of different ways namely:-

1. This website. Please take your time to look around it. You should be able to find answers to your more general enquiries here.

2. Providing assistance to your specific circumstances. This is done by  appointment with one of our Consultants.  Please call 03456 588683 where one of our Enquiry Assistants will be able to arrange an appointment and explain costs and fees. We find that about half of all enquiries can be resolved at the first appointment and with our guidance those clients are able to go on to obtain the correct result. We provide a fixed fee interview which can either take place at our offices or alternatively via the telephone. Such interviews usually take between an hour and an hour and a half and we go through the clients entire CSA problem looking at all the documentation they have and advising them of their position with the Agency and the type of appeals, departures or variations that may assist them.

3. Case shadowing. Some clients simply need detailed advice and a voice at the other end of a telephone line to help them in their dealings with the Agency. With our shadowing service we can provide continued detailed advice, draft letters and advice concerning Tribunals, Commissioners Appeals or Court hearings. This service proves useful to those confident in their dealings with the CSA but who require advice and assistance to help them further their case.

4. Taking over the case after the initial interview we sometimes find that the issues are so numerous or their position, whether legal or factual is so difficult that we would advise completely taking over the conduct of the case. In those circumstances we act upon the behalf of our client completely, receiving all post and all telephone calls from the CSA, preparing appeals, letters and attending at Tribunals and Courts.

Whether you want us to take over the case or simply shadow it or if you just simply need some advice then we can do so efficiently, quickly and at an affordable cost, usually much lower than that charged by solicitors. At the same time we commit ourselves to ensuring a top quality service and follow all the solicitors rules concerning privacy, confidentiality, accountability and professionalism.

Child Support Solutions specialises in helping resident and non-resident parents who are having problems with the
Child Support Agency or who need general advice and support relating to issues with the CSA.